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Think you know what smooth is?

Check our Smoothies to find out

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Delicious, Healthy, and Fun

Want a taste of a Smooth Paradise? Have one of our smoothies, and you'll be groving there in no time!

Consistently Striving

We only offer our customers the best in quality smoothies and professional and friendly customer service. Now we are pushing the envelope further by combining the Smooth-N-Groove experience into our own, custom made app. Download and check it out! We have special discounts and loyalty reward programs that'll only be available by downloading. Check it out!

  • Clean and Smooth Interface

    Our app is designed to embody what we are and what we do best: Giving our customers World-Class service and Amazing smoothies that make you dance!

  • New and Modern approach

    Our app's layout is completely updated and modernized to give you a new persective on where Smooth-N-Groove is going. You won't want to miss out!

  • 24/7 Smooth-N-Groove Service

    By connecting to the app, we can always keep you updated on any of our newest products, discount promotions, or groovin events that we have going on.

  • Rating and Reviews

    When you download the app, make sure to try it out and feedback so we can continue to make it and our Smooth-N-Groove services better!