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about us

About The Company

Our History

SmoothnGroove all started with Keon Davis who had a vision of being self-sufficient. He has kept the primary goal of implementing his competitive spirit with his natural leadership skills to make his dreams come true. Mr. Davis was able to do just that when he discovered his desire to entice peoples’ interest in their heath by opening a smoothie and juice bar with a creative edge “Smooth N Groove”. The concept and creativity started with his logo design; as a child Mr. Davis loved the California Raisins, so it was only right that the mascots for his business be a modern day twist on just that, garnished with the big black glasses.

Smooth N Groove was in the works of becoming a reality and not an idea, so when the time for developing an official menu came Mr. Davis wanted to make his customers excited and ready to Groove when they read his menu, which is why all his smoothies from the “Running Man” to the “ Fox Trot” are named to do just that, Dance! Mr. Davis’s decision to place Smooth N Grove inside a workout facility was a way for him to fulfill his main goal; in that location he was already surrounded by those that wanted to better themselves and always keeps an open door to anyone trying to start on that path.


From the moment you take your first sip of our fun and delicious smoothies you'll start to feel it. That feeling is the feeling to just stop whateveryou're doing, even from drinking one of our amazing smoothies, and just start Groovin to the natural beat of our magical flavors. That feeling is what we like to call the "Smooth-N-Groove".

Customer Focused

At Smooth-N-Groove, our main focus is our customers, and making sure that they enjoy every aspect of our business. From social media shoutouts to loyalty reward programs, we always show that we're the Smoothie joint that actually cares and cherishes our customers. What would we be without our #SmoothieGang?

Healthy Deliciousness

Our Smoothies are designed to be fun, creative, and especially healthy. Not only do we want our customers to have a delicious smoothie, but we want the to be able to reward themselves whiling drink it.

Open Ears

We love our customers and seeing them happy here at Smooth-N-Groove! And, we want to make sure that they're enjoying every aspect of our business. So, we always want them to know that their feedback and criticism is always welcomed because it allows us to make our smoothies and business that much more customer-oriented.